Treating Stress and Trauma with Shiatsu and TCM

Treating Stress and Trauma with Shiatsu and TCM

facilitated by Cliff Andrews


Would you like to join us in an in-depth exploration and discovery of how we can effectively treat  stress and trauma with Shiatsu,  TCM and Qi Gong exercises? There is currently a paradigm shift in psychotherapy towards body-based approaches and Shiatsu has a huge potential to contribute to that new paradigm. This course is part of this exciting shift. 

Because it is a body and Ki based approach -Shiatsu is one of the most effective ways to treat stress and trauma. In this comprehensive course we will explore how to understand, diagnose and treat stress and trauma with Shiatsu, TCM and breathing exercises based on Qi Gong and how our work fits with the latest understandings in neuroscience and developments in Psychotherapy. 

We have found that these new understandings are illuminating and refining our understanding and practice of Shiatsu and internal Qi exercises - and we are getting great results with our stressed and traumatised clients. We would like to invite you to join us on this journey. 

Cliff introduces the course in this video: 


We would like to share our experience of clinical practice and research in these 7 Modules:

Module 1: Theory we are excited by how TCM and Shiatsu theory resonates directly with recent discoveries in neuroscience - a complete overview of our understanding of Stress and Truama theory.

Module 2: Diagnosis Understanding the Theory, being able to identify the stages of the trauma response and being able to apply the advanced Energy-work technique of Temporal Scanning will give you a wide range of diagnostic skills 

Module 3: Adrenal Response We explore practical techniques to treat the adrenal and sympathetic nervous system response through Shiatsu techniques. 

Module 4: Freeze Response Shiatsu is a great bodywork technique to help unfreeze the body-mind this module has a wide variety of techniques for you to explore. 

Module 5: Dissociation Understood in TCM as a Shen disturbance in this module we explore how to use points and techniques to help our clients re-associate their body-mind

Module 6: Resonance and Discharge This module introduces the advanced technique of resonance enabling us to assess the effect of meridian work directly on symptoms such as adrenal overload, freeze and undischarged emotional symptoms.

Module 7: Points  We demonstrate 21 of the most essential points for treating Stress and Trauma. We have created a video for each point with a guide to how to use the points energetically via Ki projection and mindset. 

Bonus Module 8: Polyvagal Perspectives This final bonus module provides an introductory guide to our emerging fully integrated approach to treating Stress and Trauma. We systematically review TCM theory, Qi Gong exercises and Shiatsu techniques illuminated by explanations from Polyvagal theory - leading to a systematic approach to applying TCM, Qi Gong and Shiatsu to treating stress and trauma.

Cliff is excited about his recent research which he shares here from the video set at 

Would you like to know how the course works? Would you like to

  • Be able to study advanced Shiatsu techniques with international teachers when and where you choose?

  • Access high quality video and audio resources anywhere, on your phone, tablet or laptop - in your own home or Shiatsu practice?

  • Be part of an active international community of Shiatsu practitioners and teachers, now over 500 enrollments on our online courses and its growing every month - having fun, developing and sharing their work?

  • Have life-time access to the resources and free upgrades as we develop the course?

  • Check out the Free Trail and find out how easy it is to join in and be part of the course. No technical computer skills needed. If you can read this you know everything you need to make the most of the course!

If you answered yes to any of these then why not join us and enrol on this new course? Why not join us on a journey to transform your Shiatsu practice. Any questions? please check out the FAQ section below. 

Refunds - no risk enrolment 

Our students love their online courses. But if you are not 100% happy with the course within the first 30 days after enrolment, we will give you an unconditional full refund - no question. So there is no financial risk in enrolling. 

The Team 

The course is presented by us -  the Successful Practice team. 

We are Cliff Andrews, Shakura Meddings, Nicole Bayes, Dinah John and Zahara Evans. All of us have helped to create the resources and we all take part supporting you on the Forums. 

Find out more about us here The Team


Please check out just some of the reviews we have had from participants of a recent online course: 

"Gosh...there is a lot here! This course really should be mandatory for Shiatsu students near graduation. Thanks for all your experience and hard work" 

Rachel Lawrence

"I have found this course invaluable. It has helped me kick off a much more positive wave of Ki. This course has been very supportive and helped my confidence. Thank you."
xxx Ceri Dry

“Had I really asked for a ‘transformative experience’ from an online course? Yes I had….and amazingly that’s what I got! all the feedback from tutors has been unfailingly supportive."
Anne Whitwham

"This course has given me much more than I expected. Besides all the technical information. it has once again reminded me what a wonderful community we are in."
Tony Austin 

"I found the materials really useful and practical and eye opening at the same time. I am sure I will refer back to them as I develop my practice."
Bridget Scott 

"Thank you to all for the great positive energy and for all the new ideas." 
love Adeline Kuiken 

"Thank you very much, everyone! what I liked best was the input that I got from my peers. I learned a lot and got some very valuable insights thanks to you all."
Iñaki Calvo 


Q: When does the course start? 

A: It starts as soon as you enrol. The course is then dripped to you over 8 weeks, one Module a week. 

Q: Will I be studying on my own? 

A: No - not at all. We have over 500 online students and many will be enrolling and participating on the course. The forums are active and we have 4 of us on the team to support you. On the forums you will meet therapist from all over the world actively working on their practice and sharing ideas. 

Q: Is the information practical?

A: Absolutely! - each Module has a mixture of short video clips, worksheets, meditations, Energy-work exercises and handouts to print out. Each  module has a quiz to help you remember the material and a forum where you can get support and network with the other participants. 

Q: When does the course end? 

A: How about - never! We give you lifetime access so after the 8 weeks  you have access to the course forever. You can self-pace the course and revisit it at any time in the future. We also give you free access to any course revisions or upgrades in the future. 

Q: I have never taken an online course before is it difficult to follow?

No -  it is very easy. Our course is video led, in small bite size pieces, with a focus on creative, imaginative and fun activities. We want you to enjoy the experience of  deepening your Shiatsu practice - Check out the Free Trial if you would like to look around before you enrol.

Q: What if I don't like the course? 

A: If after 30 days you decide the course is not for you we will give you a no questions asked full refund. So there is no financial risk in enrolling

Q: I am not very good at computers - do I need technical skills? 

A: If you can read this you will be able to do the course! Our platform is super easy to use and if you can visit a website or type a post - you will have no problems

Q: Do you give support if I lose my password or have problems with accessing the course?  

A: Yes we do. Our support team are with you every step of the way, and we typically reply within a few hours and normally within one to two working day to sort out any issues you might have.

Q: Is it a lot of work to do?   

A: There is as much "work "- or we prefer to call it "creative fun" - on the course as you need to develop your practice. The course takes about 45 hours to complete - but you will need to add time to try out the techniques on your clients.

Q: Do I get a certificate for CE /CPD credits?

 A: Yes. We provide a 45 hour notional hours Certificate upon completion of the course. We have a special course design document for you to present to your governing body to claim your hours. NB Please note that  exact CE/CPD requirements do vary by country. 

Q: How do I pay for the course? is the payment secure?

A: Payment is by credit or debit card. Our payments are handled by Stripe which is the world's biggest and most secure payment gateway. If you do not have a debit or credit card please contact us for alternative payment methods. 

Cliff  Andrews
Cliff Andrews
Course Facilitator

Cliff and the team are always here to help support you with any aspect of the course.