Social Media for therapist

Social Media for Shiatsu Workshop

A 10 Unit online Workshop | facilitated by Cliff Andrews


A 10 unit 5 hour online workshop on Social and New Media including GPDR compliance resources and support.

with Cliff Andrews and Nicole Bayes 

Cliff Andrews


The Workshop consists of the material of one of the Modules of our Successful Practice Online Course. It is focussed on Social and New Media for therapists. It includes the latest support for GDPR compliance for Shiatsu and other therapists. 

The Workshop is divided into 10 units that take 30 mins each to complete. At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Choose your best mix of New and Traditional Media for your practice
  • Set up your own Website, E-mail list, Facebook Page, Google Maps and Blogging platform with our help
  • Avoid the common mistakes of New Media such non-GDPR compliance, poor website design and choosing the wrong platforms

How it works 

Every day for 10 days we will send you an email prompting you to visit the workshop and describing the theme of the unit  (you can opt out of these emails at any time). If you get behind don't worry because you have lifetime access to the materials so after the 10 days you can go back and revisit any of the material. 

Each unit there is an Activity page with things for you to think about, look at, listen and to do. We will also include some short videos or presentations where needed. You need to allow about 30 minutes per unit to cover the course content. 

We encourage you to login to the Discussion Forum. There is one discussion forum on this online workshop and it is just below the Unit 1 area. This is where you can discuss with your peers, ask questions and get help from the team. Not sure how to do that? see our PDF guide in this section. 


The aim of this workshop is to enable you to decide and plan your own mix of New and Traditional media for your work, and give you the tools to either create this mix yourself, or to know where to go to get others to help you. All the while designing your media to be GDPR compliant, 


At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • List the main New and Social Media platforms useful for your Shiatsu practice (and those you should avoid)
  • Be able to decide which platforms you will use - and those you will not use

  • Create a mix of GDPR compliant New and traditional media to help your practice grow

  • Know what the next steps are to combine New and Traditional Media into your practice

We are here to help!

We are with you every step. Please get help if you need it. Just email the team at and we will be happy to help you. 

Feedback from a previous course:


Ive really enjoyed doing this course, it has been good to take it at my own pace. The content has been easy to follow, very well instructed and the support fantastic. Will definitely try another later next year.

by Jayne Dillon 


I found the materials really useful and practical and eye opening at the same time. I am sure I will refer back to them as I develop my practice - it has been a fascinating learning experience to encounter a group of shiatsu practitioners at different stages of their shiatsu practice developement 

by Bridget Scott 


I have found this course invaluable. It has helped me have a much clearer focus on how to move forward I felt a little lost before. It has helped me kick off a much more positive wave of Ki. I have all the notes to look back and refer too as well if I start to become stuck again. This course has been very supporting to me starting and helped my confidence.

by Ceri Dry 

Cliff  Andrews
Cliff Andrews
Course Facilitator

Cliff and the team are always here to help support you with any aspect of the course.

Course Curriculum

Discussion Forum - please post here
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Unit 4: Email List I - choosing a service, dos and don'ts
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Unit 5: Email List II - Creating your first eNews, collecting emails the right way
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Unit 8: Creating Content - Blogging, twitter, Facebook (again) Instagram, etc
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Unit 9: Information Flows - now its time to check everything is all linking up
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